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Lauren Golden loves helping mamas free themselves from the 9-5 grind. She launched The Free Mama Movement to show working moms that they don’t have to choose between family and financial stability.

Hundreds of families today are happier and more fulfilled thanks to Lauren and her online programs. Whether you’re a single mom, a military mom, or a mom in a two-parent family who doesn’t want to sacrifice your time with your babies in order to provide for them, Lauren wants you to know that you don’t have to.

Today, as the fearless leader of The Free Mama Movement and a thriving community of tens of thousands of women, Lauren is passionate about showing other moms how to start and run a successful freelancing business from home. In her #1 International Bestselling book The Free Mama: How to Work from Home, Control your Schedule and Make More Money she shares her own story — along with plenty of practical advice for anyone looking to leave the 9-5 behind and make a real living from home.